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SIMoME® slim SIM form factor


SIMoME® is a brand new form factor for the SIM card
SIMoME® is a brand new form factor for the SIM card that brings endless business opportunities and unlimited functional possibilities to the mobile device. A single mobile device is not supposed to be restricted to a single service provider, especially when different service providers having the mutual business interests over mobile phone users.
Traditionally, it is not easy for businesses to add their own services into a user’s mobile phone because SIM cards are mainly controlled by mobile operators that the user is subscribed to.

SIMoME® SIM overlay utilizing the latest construction method is an ultra-slim SIM card designed to work together with a second SIM card into the existing SIM slot of the mobile device.

The SIMoME® slim SIM can be customized to enable almost any function on the mobile device, and its ability to work in conjuncture with another card allows it to work in cooperation with other services to expand its functions.